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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Student Successes!

Hi all

I wanted to pass on some great news!

Sarah Egholm from Chelsea College, who has been using Pure Tinctoria dyes in her final project, has been awarded a first class honours degree. Very well done Sarah.

Here is an image of her work, entitled "Five Ecological Windsocks" and an extract from her email:
".......Just wanted to let you know I have just graduated from Chelsea College
of Art Textile Design BA with a First Class Honours degree - and my
final project consisted of fabrics dyed with Pure-Tinctoria, to the
'no-mordant' methods you explained !

I did extensive experimentation with this method and developed two
colours I liked. I intend to do a Masters Degree later in the year and
would like to develop more shades using this method, possibly on a
large scale.

I used two colours in the end - A peach shade that was Annatto,
pre-dyed with Kango. This was then bleached out with large amounts of
lemon juice. For the final project I used something in the region of
16 litres ! The chocolate brown was Golden Dock pre-dyed with

Many Thanks,

Sarah Egholm"
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