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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pure Tinctoria: Felt Fine

Pure Tinctoria: Felt Fine

Felt Fine

A  number of felt makers are buying Pure Tinctoria Natural Dye Extracts and our naturally dyed fibres.  I've great pleasure in introducing Felt Fine by Nicola Knapton from Wales.

Nicola's  pictures are wet felted and inspired by the countryside surrounding her Mid-Wales home.  She uses our naturally dyed Blue Faced Leicester and silk caps in her beautiful fine art picture.

Nicola teaches wet felting workshops and has exhibited at a number of Art and Craft Markets in Ludlow.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wonderwool Wales 2

During this years show I did a number of demonstrations on dyeing with extracts using the "All-in-One" dyeing method.

The first demo on each day was painting tops and hanks and could also be used on warps.  On Saturday I "painted" two 50g bumps of Blue Face Leicester tops and one 100g hank of Blue Faced Leicester lace weight yarn with Lodhra Bark and Kamala.

On Saturday afternoon I used the "All-in-One" method to dye two centre-pull balls with Red Lac and Dhak.  The first one was a two bath dyed ball and the second was an injection ball.

Left: Two Baths  Right: Injection Dyed

Left: Two Baths  Right: Injection Dyed
How the hanks look!

Sunday mornings tops and hank were painted with Cutch and Cutch Waste.

In the afternoon the centre-pull balls were dyed with Chaste Tree and Madder.

Left: Two baths  Right: Injection dyed

Left: Two baths  Right: Injection dyed

The yarn was purchased from Yarnundyed is beautifully soft and has a lovely sheen.  I'm really thrilled with the results.

Wonderwool Wales 1

Lorraine and I had a lovely time at Wonderwool Wales this year.  There was a real buzz about the show on both days and Saturday seemed the busiest we'd ever seen.

Although we didn't win best stand, we had some lovely comments from visitors including:
"this is our favourite stand, the colours are so lovely."

Over the two days I demonstrated "All-in-One" dyeing on painted tops and hanks and "All-in-One" centre-pull ball dyeing.

Explaining about measures and spoons

"This plastic glass holds 100ml up to the bottom line..."

Preparing the mordant liquid

Using the microwave to dissolve the mordants.

Injecting the dyes into the centre-pull ball

"Painting" the tops and hanks

Answering questions...

More mixing!

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