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Monday, 11 August 2008

Dyeing Bowmont Fleece

I've just had a set of images of the four new dyes, Marigold, Lodhra bark, Chaste Tree and Cutch waste, dyed onto Bowmont fleece.
Lesley Prior of Devon Fine Fibres has used them very successfully on her own Bowmont fleece.

The colours are, from left to right, Lodhra bark (Amber-L), Chaste Tree (Desert-V), Marigold (Ambroisa) and Cutch waste (Thar-G).

When she emailed me with the image she had this to say:

"I used 5% for the Desert but only 4% for the Amber. I think Bowmont
takes it up very well so the proportions for at least some of the dyes
could be reduced slightly depending on the effect you want of course.
Looking forward to using the other two!!!"

She also uses half the suggested quantities of dye on her kid and YG mohair and half to two thirds on her cashmere because it's ecru not white. She feels that two thirds is about right for the Bowmont.

You can read all about her dye session with Pure Tinctoria on her blog.

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