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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Another Technique to Try!

Ikat and faux Ikat (painted warps) are two techniques that can be used with natural dye extracts and I found an outline of the instructions on HandEye Magazine courtesy of Aviva Leigh, a dyer and weaver from Norfolk.  Take a look and have a go yourself.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Colour Palette of the Month - February!

In November I was in Liverpool for a birthday treat.  Obviously a trip to the docks is a must and while there I took this photograph.

Initially it was the shapes that attracted me, but once uploaded to Photoshop the colours caught my eye and following my interest in urban colour I decided to use it for my February colour palette.

How would I recreate the colours in natural dye extracts?

From Left to Right:
Several dips of indigo; a pale yellow, maybe oak gall or 2% kamala with a couple of dips indigo; oak gall or 2% kamala with one light dip of indigo; a very light dip in indigo; two or three dip in indigo; one short dip in indigo and finally a 2% red lac or a mix of red lac and lodhra bark.

How would you recreate the colours?

I hope you enjoy it.
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